The Mossberg 590 Tactical is the most widely dispersed and utilized tactical shotguns in the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies in the country.

The Mossberg 590 Tactical is incredibly versatile with applications in home defense and close-quarters combat (CQB).

The Mossberg 590 Tactical is specifically designed for person-to-person use in either warfare or in a self-defense situation.

I wouldn’t recommend the Tactical for any kind of hunting because Mossberg has the 500 Hunting shotgun designed for longer ranges with extended barrels and lower ammo capacity.

The Tactical models are built with dual extractors, twin action bars, an anti-jam elevator, and a positive steel-to-steel lockup.


There are 16 separate 590 Tactical models, each built with the individual in mind. In this blog, we will discuss the 9-Shot, 590 SPX, and the 590 Flex Tactical.


  • Gauge: 12
  • Capacity: 8 + 1
  • Chamber: 3″
  • Barrel Type: Heat Shield
  • Barrel Length: 20″
  • Sight/Base: Ghost Ring
  • Choke: Cylinder Bore
  • LOP Type; Fixed
  • LOP: 13.87″
  • Barrel Finish: Matte Blued
  • Stock Finish: Synthetic (Black)
  • Weight: 7.75
  • Length: 41″


Ambidextrous safety mounted on top of the shotgun makes it easy to engage/disengage in rapid time

Tri-rail forend allows you to customize your shotgun with lights, lasers, and added grips

Adjustable stock for customization with the length of pull (LOP)

The twin action bars ensure the action is smooth every pull without any added exertion

The twin action bars also prevents the metal attached to the pump mechanism doesn’t bing, twist, or break off, like some single-action bars from Remington



  • 12 Gauge, 20 Gauge, and .410 Bore Models
  • 3″ Chambers in 12/20 Gauge; (2.5″ Chamber in .410)
  • 5 or 20″ Barrels with Stand-Offs, Muzzlebrakes
  • Free Gun Lock/10-Year Limited Warranty Included

Why Should I Buy The Mossberg 590 9-Shot Tactical Shotgun?

The dual extractors in the Mossberg 590 Tactical give the shooter more options to load/unload as fast as possible in different positions.

The twin action bars prevent any binding of the metal when pumping the shotgun, which increases the durability, smoothness, and longevity of the shotgun.

The anti-jam elevator allows the shell to be extracted straight up and out of the barrel without double-feeding or misfeeding a shell.

Whether you’re law enforcement or military, knowing your shotgun won’t jam, break, bind, or misfeed is paramount to your confidence. Mossberg ensures the 590 Tactical models will work when you need them and for as long as you need them.

This is another reason why so many American’s want the 590 Tactical models for their home-defense shotgun.

Where Can I Buy the Mossberg 590 9-Shot Tactical Shotgun?

Mossberg doesn’t sell their weapons directly to customers due to legal reasons, but 3 separate companies exclusively sell their weapons.

The Shootingstore, Gearfire, and Gallary of Guns, exclusively sell Mossberg Shotguns. There are hundreds of stores across the country that sell Mossberg as well, so type your zip code in the Mossberg Dealer Locator and it will show the stores closest to you.

Personally, I recommend buying from Palmetto State Armory because they offer a great warranty on all of their products and offer some of the best discounts for active-duty military, veterans, and law enforcement officers (LEO).

You can also buy Mossberg from RK Guns if you live in a rural area and are lucky enough to have a Rural King nearby.



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