Mossberg 88 Special Purpose 12 Gauge Shotgun.





The Mossberg Maverick 88 is simply a more affordable version of the Mossberg 500.  The Maverick 88 is great for an introductory shotgun, a home-defense shotgun, or a truck gun.

It’s durable, dependable, and shoots true every time. The Maverick 88 has the same features as the Mossberg shotguns with dual extractors, twin action bars, positive steel to steel lockup, and even the anti-jam elevator.

These features give the Maverick similar capabilities to the Mossberg 500 with a price reduction of around $400.00. With a 6 shell capacity (depending on the ammo) and 28″ barrel, you can easily use the Maverick for waterfowl hunting.

Maverick describes the 88 models as the working man’s shotgun because it can handle being bumped, scraped, dropped, and beaten up through everyday wear and tear.


Gauge: 12

Capacity: 5+1

Chamber: 3″

Barrel Type: Vent Rib

Barrel Length: 28″

Sight/Base: Bead

Choke: Modified Tube

LOP Type: Fixed

LOP: 14.5″

Barrel Finish: Blued

Stock Finish: Synthetic (Black)

Weight: 7 lbs

Length: 47.75″


The Mossberg Maverick 88 with the ATI folding stock is meant to serve as a dual-purpose security shotgun for close quarters and normal shotgun ranges (40 yards).

With the stock folded up, you can fire from the pistol grip and cut the overall length by more than 12″. The purpose of the stock folded up is to give the shooter the ability to move quickly through rooms without sacrificing the time to pull the shotgun to your shoulder.

This makes it an excellent shotgun for home self-defense or a truck-gun to protect yourself in a hurry. With the stock folded down, it gives you an entirely new platform to shoot from with the added stability of your shoulder as a point of contact

But for the average person, it’s just a pipe dream to ever imagine owning one. Enter the Mossberg Maverick 88 Shotgun: essentially the same gun, but at an affordable price.

The Mossberg 500 is famous for its usefulness in home defense, and the Maverick 88 brings that same usefulness to the table in an affordable way. Let’s take a closer look.


For a lightweight shotgun, the Maverick 88 is surprisingly accurate and well-balanced! The fixed cylinder bore choke allows for optimum shot patterns at close range. In fact, when I fired four buckshot rounds, they all hit dead-center in the target.

The accuracy of this shotgun isn’t something you’d find on any pump-action.


Reliability is never really an issue when it comes to pump-action shotguns. They’re known to be extremely reliable, especially when used for personal defense.

If used right, the Maverick 88 will never jam or fail in any way. You need to make sure you use the proper, recommended ammo and you need to rack the gun completely, or else it won’t pick up the next round.

For added reliability, it features dual-action bars to guarantee reliable cycling without any binding and an anti-jam shell elevator. It promises a smooth, consistent shot every time.

In fact, when I tested it out at the range, everything operated properly and smoothly—just like the Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter.


I cycled through three loads with total reliability. This is pretty characteristic of a pump-action shotgun, however, so that’s not really a surprise.


The Maverick 88 is extremely user friendly, it cycles well, and it’s a lot of fun to shoot! The pump is ribbed for easy and secure gripping. The dual extractors keep everything nice and efficient.

And the simple brass bead up-front sight system is fantastic.

The stock is comfortable to shoot, and a spring-loaded button on the left side of the shoulder stock’s hinge allows you to fold or extend the stock (it can be fired from either position)


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