M1911 For Sale

M1911 For Sale.

The 1911 is my favorite handgun for many reasons. I grew up in a country of revolver men, but made the acquaintance of the 1911 .45 at an early age.

The rest is history, a history not important to anyone, save myself. The pistol itself — now there is a story!

The 1911, a locked-breech single-action with a low bore axis and a grip that fits most hands well, is easily recognizable.

The 1911 is a great service and protection pistol, not to mention a match-winning competition handgun.

The problem is, that the better class of 1911 pistols are increasingly expensive.

Buy M1911  online

I find the Metro line useful, affordable and reliable.

The handguns are well-made of good material, reliable and offer a good value for our hard-earned money.

The Metro Arms 1911 is affordable and has earned a reputation for good function and accuracy. The pistol features an all-steel slide and frame.

The barrel appears well-fitted and the pistol features an extended thumb safety, slide lock and beavertail safety.

This makes firing the pistol much easier. The blued finish is well done, perhaps it may not impress visiting dignitaries, but it is credible.

The polished flats are well done. The pistol features both forward and rear cocking serrations. The pistol features a five-inch barrel.

	m1911 for sale

The fit of the barrel hood and locking lugs to the slide is good.  The ejection port is scalloped for sure ejection and easy administrative handling.

The cocking serrations fit the hand well and forward cocking serrations give even better leverage. The pistol features high-visibility sights.

The sights are the Novak Lo Mount style, the type by which all others are measured.

The rear sight is slightly different than some Novak sights, but offers an excellent sight picture.

The sight is tight in the dovetail and may be drift-adjusted for windage. The front post is solidly attached to the slide and rides in a dovetail slot.

My pistol arrived sighted in for the 200-grain bullet and a dead-on hold, or six o’clock hold with a 230-grain load.

The original GI 1911 had small sights, but it was accurate enough for most chores if properly aimed.

It fired high at 25 yards, the intention was to give the soldier a fighting chance at 50 yards.

Features and Specs

  • The grips are nicely checkered wood, a nice touch. The slide lock and magazine catch operate properly.
  • The trigger is smooth enough, breaking at a clean 5.5 pounds.
  • The hammer is a special design that looks like it has a cobweb lattice in the skeletonized hammer, a nice touch.
  • The pistol features a properly polished feed ramp with the requisite 1/32nd-inch gap between the two halves of the feed ramp.
  • All hollow point and flat-nose loads tested fed well.
  • Overall, the handgun seems to have features somewhat outstripping less expensive handguns, giving competition to much more expensive options.

Accuracy and Reliability

The pistol is reliable, having fired 450 cartridges without complaint.

The pistol has been fed a steady diet of hard-cast lead bullets and Titegroup powder.

Don’t ask where I get my primers! I don’t get them, I have them, and I will be running out soon.

The pistol will group five rounds into two to 2.5 inches at 25 yards.

A faster load at 1,050 fps is the Hornady 185-grain XTP and a heavier charge of Titegroup.

This is a great go-anywhere do-anything defensive load and one I use often.

For personal defense, the Hornady Critical Defense is a first-class loading.

The .45 ACP operates at modest pressure with little muzzle flash, making it an ideal personal defense and target big bore.

The standard for the original 1911 service pistol was a five-inch group at 25 yards and a 10-inch group at 50 yards.

The Metro Arms 1911 is much more accurate. Metro also offers Commander-size 1911 and the Bobcut, a pistol with good features.

Conclusion: Metro Arms 1911 Handguns

I find the Metro line useful, affordable and reliable.

The handguns are well-made of good material, reliable and offer a good value for our hard-earned money.


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