GSG Airsoft Schmeisser AR-15 AEG 0.5 J black


Hop Up: Edjustable
Operation method: AEG
Caliber: 6 mm BB
Color: Black
Energy (max.): 0.5 J
Weight: 2.05 kg
Manufacturer: Schmeisser
Categories: Rifles
State: New
Category: Product ID: 4123


This rifle was developed in the 50s by Armalite, after the desire for a weapon somewhere between a sub-machine gun and rifle was expressed. Later Armalite sold the rights to the AR-15 to Colt. Since the 60s, it became better known as M16. By 1985, over 6 million pieces of the M16 were produced. Even today many units such as Air Force, Navy Seals, etc. use the M16 as the main duty weapon.
The detailed replica from the GSG Sport Series with a maximum energy of 0.5 Joule can be operated in semi-automatic and fully automatic mode and comes with extensive accessories. The integrated spin-up system ensures greater precision and an optimized shot pattern by stabilizing the ball trajectory. The AR-15 has a sliding shaft, a red dot (battery included), a front handle and a barrel extension. Supplied with battery (Ni-Mh 7.2 Volt – 500 mAh), matching charger, loading stick and BB’s.

– System: AEG
– Caliber: 6 mm BB
– Magazine capacity: 40 shots
– Overall length: 840 – 935 mm
– Energy: max. 0.5 joules


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