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The .40 s&w is a rimless cartridge built from the 10mm auto cartridge.

The .40 s&w was developed was specifically designed for law enforcement officers (leos) as a response to leos being outgunned in gunfights.

The neck and rim diameter are the same as the 10mm auto cartridge to be able to accommodate the larger load for a small pistol primer.

The .40 s&w also has more maximum pressure (35,000 psi versus 33,000 psi) than the 10mm to give this cartridge added stopping power and accuracy over distance.

With the added power and less felt recoil than the .45 acp, many leos prefer this caliber over both the 9mm and .45 acp.

The .40 s&w from glock has been the chosen caliber for countless law enforcement organizations across the country.

The glock 22 and glock 23 have released the new gen 5 models in the mos model and standard model. This blog will focus on everything you need to know before you buy the newest glock 22, 23, & 24. The 9mm has been a staple with many police organizations across the country for decades.

However, since ballistics are constantly changing and being improved upon, the heavier caliber pistols are becoming more popular.


This is because the new propellants and powders are more efficient and are able to reduce felt recoil without losing accuracy.


Parent case: 10mm auto

Case type: rimless

Bullet diameter : .400 in (10.2 mm)

Neck diameter: .423 in (10.7 mm)

Base diameter: .424 in (10.8 mm)

Rim diameter : .424 in (10.8 mm)

Rim thickness: .055 in (1.4 mm)

Case length: .850 in (21.6 mm)

Overall length: 1.135 in (28.8 mm)

Case capacity: 19.3 gr h2o (1.25 cm3)

Rifling twist: 1 in 16 in. (406 mm)

Primer type: small pistol

Maximum pressure: 35,000 psi (240 mpa)

The glock 22 is the most popular law enforcement pistol in the country. Most police departments buy their guns in bulk to save money and keep their arsenal uniform across their organization.

There have been more glock 22’s bought by law enforcement organizations than any other pistol on the market due to the power of the .40 s&w.

The gen 4 is the model most officers have now. However, the gen 5 mos model has been recently released and i haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love the gen 5 mos.

The gen 4 glock 22 features the patented rough textured frame (rtf) and the dual recoil spring are designed to ensure durability, longevity, and reliability is always maintained. Very few gun companies can make the same reliability claims that glock can make.

With a 7.95″ length and a 5.51″ height this pistol is perfect for open carry situations like cops do every day. The reversible enlarged magazine catch is ambidextrous and can be reversed in seconds.


The glock 22 gen 5 modular optic system (mos) is designed to make shooting easier and more precise. The glock mos models are normally used for competitive shooting but more people are wanting them for home defense.

The mos model is designed to make the pistol compatible with any optic available on the market. Most shooters prefer the vortex venom or the trijicon rmrcc. The glock 22 gen 5 mos is almost identical to the specs of the standard pistol, except for the line of sight(los).

By creating a longer line of sight, the mos model allows for quicker target acquisition.


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