Technical Specifications

  • Caliber: 7.62x39mm
  • Type of Firearm: semi-automatic gas-operated bolt
  • Magazine Capacity: 30 round standard AK magazine
  • Overall Length: 37.25” Barrel Length: 16.5” Barrel: 16.5”, 1:10 twist rifling, 14x1mm lefthand muzzle threads
  • Weight: 7.8 lbs. Sights: adjustable front post and leaf rear sight Finish: black nitride barrel and receiver, fire control group; Carburized 4140 steel bolt
  • Stock & Handguards: Magpul handguard in FDE, Magpul AK Folding Stock, Hogue soft-rubber rear grip, Magpul MOE front handguard
  • Magazines: 2x Magpul 30rnd Black, 2x Tapco 30rnd FDE
  • Sling: Magpul Single/Double point with QD mount
  • Laser: Ultra bright Green Laser with foregrip mounted pressure switch
  • Flashlight: 360-Lumen weapon light
  • Bipod: UTG Barrel-clamp bipod,
  • Scope Mount: Texas Weapons Systems Gen-3 Dog Leg Rail top cover
  • Scope: Monstrum 4x Tactical Scope FDE with Illuminated Reticle
  • Case: Plano 42” Locking, All-weather gun case with customized foam insert


AK 47 For Sale

AK 47 for sale at incredibly low prices with guaranteed shipping and quality of the riffle. The famous AK 47 was developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov and was accepted for Russian Military service in 1947. AK represents Avtomat Kalashnikova, they were first produced by the Izhevsk Arms Factory. The AK47 Assault Rifle was designed to be simple, reliable, and easy to manufacture. The AK operating system is gas-operated with a rotating bolt, known for loose tolerances that perform well in dirty and harsh conditions. The AK Rifle has matured into several different models including the AKM and AK 74 Rifle just to mention a few. Fielded in over 100 countries and adopted by 55 different nations. The legendary reliability of the AK 47 design and system has made it a favorite of US recreational shooters and collectors for many years. Strapdomum offers the widest AK 47 for sale and features AK Pistols,  AK Shotguns, and other Kalashnikov AK47.  We offer top Quality Semi auto Sporting Kalashnikovs to meet your AK47 price and needs.

You can find the best AK-47s for sale here.  The AK-47 (also known as the AK47, AK 47, AK, or Kalishnikov) may be the most recognized rifle in the world, with many modern models to fill the needs of collectors and shooters.  We carry a wide variety of AK-47 and derivative rifles at low prices. The new AK-47 pistols have also entered the market and are extremely fun to shoot.  The price of the AK-47 has gone up in recent years due to import bans and rarity.   You can purchase the AK-47 from manufacturers such as Century Arms, IWI, Kalashnikov, and Arsenal, and there are imports available from Romania, Russia, and other countries– although these may need to now be purchased on the used market. Impact Guns also has AK-47 ammo,  AK-47 parts, and AK-47 magazines for sale. Buy AK 47 assault riffle here with ease from the comfort of your home.

The AK-47 is a 7.62x39mm assault rifle that is gas-operated.  It was developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov and is the first rifle in the AK or Kalashnikov rifle family.

ak 47 for sale

Buy AK 47 Online

The AK47 Assault Rifle is the world’s most prolific and iconic weapon with over 80 million produced. Today, the largest threat the armies of the UK, USA, and NATO are faced with is not nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons but with man’s real weapon of mass destruction, the AK47. Much of what is written about it, both in books and in the general media is out of date, technically wrong, incomplete, and hard to understand. The first model of the AK-47 assault rifle was introduced into service with the Soviet army in 1948. Designed to be cheap and reliable as well as simple to operate and produce, the AK-47 and its derivatives remain the world’s most widely used assault rifles seven decades later. In his book AK47: The Story of The People’s Gun, Michael Hodges estimates that there are as many as 200 million Kalashnikov rifles in circulation worldwide, one for every 35 people. On top of its cheap price, the weapon has proven hugely popular with soldiers, criminals, and militants due to its durability and reliability.

Some 200 different types of Kalashnikovs are now produced in at least 30 countries and vast quantities of the weapons have turned up in trouble spots all over the world for decades, especially in Africa. Hundreds of thousands of them disappeared after the breakup of Yugoslavia, frequently ending up in the hands of terrorists and criminals, unfortunately. Buy AK 47 riffles at the most affordable price online in 2021 with options for express shipping available.



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