20 Rounds of 5.56×45 Ammo by Hornady Frontier – 75gr HPBT


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This 20-round box of 5.56 NATO ammo has just recently been released by Hornady under their Frontier line of ammunition. Designed specifically for Match shooting, these rounds are accurate, reliable, and fast; the projectiles leave the muzzle at approximately 2910 fps.

This 5.56x45mm ammo is assembled in the Lake City Army Ammunition plant and topped with a Hornady 75gr HPBT bullet. The projectiles are loaded into Boxer-primed brass casings that are reloadable.

Hornady conceived the idea of re-releasing their Frontier line of ammunition after teaming up with the Lake City Army Ammunition plant; the original Frontier line featured brass casings from Lake City, so it was a natural conclusion to bring back the brand to release these new premium cartridges.


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